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(5 stars) Great place

The staff and Dr. Seder are very careful and kind with their patients. I really love their work there. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! 

- Sara B., July 21, 2013


The officer manager was so thoughtful. She wrote me a card apologizing for the wait, and even included Starbucks gift cards. That is incredible service showing respect for patient family's time. Thank you.

- Gavin S., June 17, 2013


I did Invisalign® with Dr. Seder after reading her reviews on Yelp. The office is professionally run and you never see anyone but Dr. Seder or one of her small staff of assistants. They are only open Tues-Thurs and I think one Saturday a month so that could be an issue for some people. The office is clean and nice and convenient to Halsted and Fullerton and all the public transit in this area. I felt like there were no hidden fees and the price was fair.  


(5 stars) Way to go!

Now that is how to set up and run a services company! The experience from front to back is seamless, professional and fun for kids and adults! Thank you and keep up the outstanding work you all do every single visit!!! 

- Ken M., June 11, 2013|


(5 stars) Dr. Seder's Orthodontics is FANTASTIC!

WOW! I have never seen such outstanding customer service and attention to detail! Dr. Seder's office goes above and beyond to make the process a positive one for the patients as well as the parents! I am always so thankful and impressed with how well they take care of every aspect—scheduling appointments, flexibility with changed appointments, perks for patients (movies, pencils, video games while waiting, mints, etc.), extremely friendly and helpful staff, gorgeous office. We love it! 

- Andrew, Apr. 11, 2013


(5 stars) Amazing service and gorgeous teeth!

My son got got his braces off and my daughter just got hers on. This is the only ortho you should use. Staff is amazing. Never a problem getting an appointment. Location is great. And my sons teeth are perfect!!!!!! 5 stars! Dr. Seder, you are amazing!

- Zoe, Mar. 1, 2013


(5 stars) Great 2nd Opinion

I came to Dr. Seder to get a second opinion on braces for my ten-year-old. Another orthodontist wanted us to start two phases immediately. Dr. Seder's approach was more conservative and she made an interim suggestion that will be less intrusive and less costly. 

- Feb. 27, 2013


Thank you, Dr. Seder.

Dr. Seder is efficient and effective. I was ready to slap on some braces, but Dr. Seder worked with my OLD retainer to make my smile pretty again. I go back in to have the permanent retainer checked and everyone is incredibly kind and efficient. I would recommend them again and again.

- Erin C., Oct 19, 2012


Best Experience 

We are so happy to be at this office. The staff is professional, and the service is superb.

- Oct 12, 2012

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